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By highwater (registered) | Posted April 23, 2009 at 09:37:17

In Westdale, Mac starts running construction trucks through the neighbourhood and it only took a couple of months for the local authorities to respond and get the trucks out of there.

Off topic, but I have to jump in here and correct any idea that the citizens of Westdale received preferential treatment. First of all, unlike downtown truck routes which are legal, the route Mac was using was an old route that no longer met the city's standards for a legal truck route, and required the illegal use of narrow residential side streets for access. Furthermore, it took more like a couple of years, not a couple of months, of strenuous advocacy on the part of the neighbourhood association, during which we were demonized by Mac admin and the Student's Union.

Your right that money talks. In this case Mac's money spoke considerably louder than even the well-educated, well-organized citizens of Westdale. Ultimately it was the blatantly illegal use of our streets that convinced staff and council, not our supposed privilege.

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