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By Hopeful (registered) | Posted April 22, 2009 at 17:08:54

Some nice work here but it brings up a(nother) beef I have with the City. Why can't someone at the City (I assume that is who the "proposed bike network" pdf link is from) come up with a better way to present information than this. pdf's are great for books, reports or pamphlets but City maps??? It seems every time you want to look at City plans you've got to download a whale size image file and then fight to get it work for you. Why not have the map and routes presented as layers on the City's GIS to let their servers do the work and provide some flexibility, legibility and coherence to what is being shown? When is it ever a good idea to replicate poster boards from a public meeting as pdf's and post them as the only way to see what is happening with an issue? What century are the communication team working in? There's better options out there now. Sorry for the rant.

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