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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted April 22, 2009 at 13:22:20

Rusty >> poor people don't have as much say in our democracy as those with money

And yet they still get free education, free health care, subsidized housing and a monthly welfare cheque. The reality is poor people have it pretty damn good in Canada, so perhaps a large thank you is in due to the taxpayers who pay for these items. Unfortunately, in this society, the sense of entitlement has run rampant and people like Grassroots think the world owes them something.

Grassroots, if you want to help poor people, may be you should tell them to start pulling their own weight and stop relying on other people to pay their bills for them. By relying on government to pay their way, they are not developing the requisite passion to do it on their own. Of course, if they need food, go to a food bank, but the goal should be to take as little as possible from the taxpayer.

Hunger is pain and pain serves as strong motivation to change one's life. In today's society the government tries to remove pain, but that is sh%t. Pain is a tool for success. If you allow the government to strip this pain from your life, you allow them to take your dignity and passion, a very bad trade off.

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