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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted April 22, 2009 at 08:28:01

Rusty writes: another example of why poor people don't matter, poor people do not vote, they do not fund election campaigns, they do not lobby their politicians, poor people do not matter.

Wow, what a statement, I cannot believe my eyes, that someone would actually write these words.

Poor people may not vote because too often they are the forgotten ones, since money is the driving force, those at the bottom are the scapegoat. Fund campaigns, this is another problem with our system, where money is again the driving force that breeds corruption and complete unaccountablity. But then maybe the writer of this comment likes the idea of corporatism (fascism), where the people no matter what their income level is to have no voice, except those the ultra rich, the corporate masters.

Poor people do not lobby, well I beg to differ on this little piece. There are many in our community who get their voices in front of the policy makers. They speak for the many that cannot speak for themselves. Activism is alive and well in Hamilton, thank you very much.

Hey Rusty: Just to let you think about something, maybe you might lose your job or maybe you might get sick or you might get injuried and be left with our system, where you could be living in poverty and dire straits and to be told by people like yourself, you do not matter.

It is ridiculous we have people on this post arguing whether those on the mountain vs those in the north end are more deserving. Poor people are everywhere in this city. And given the economic upheaval, there could be more of the middle class joining the ranks of the poor.

There are more important things going on, why are people wasting their time arguing over an issue like this.

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