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By FenceSitter (anonymous) | Posted April 21, 2009 at 19:35:29

Mountain people pay too much tax.
Downtown pays too much tax.
The old suburbs pay too much tax.
Seem to me we are all united on waste and excess of government. (side note: Kudos to the City for a relatively small tax increase this year, maybe we should hope for a reduction next year!!)

Maybe the LRT in other cities or the tax structure in Boston were not the cause of those cities fortunes. There may be some correlation, but is there direct causation??
Perhaps it was the underlying will of the people who wanted positive change who caused the changes to happen.

James North is a great example here. I do not remember any large infastructure project down there. Just the will of the people. Keep an eye on that street this summer.

I always thought Hamilton (downtown and mountain) lacked communities. I have recently attented a few community association meetings (Landsdale and Crown Point). The communities are there, just on life support.

Despite our different opinions I hope enough people really want to see a vibrant Hamilton. If they do, it will eventually happen. If not, well... Portland did look good in those photos!!

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