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By jason (registered) | Posted April 21, 2009 at 15:17:36

you're right. it's my fault that buildings are being demolished on King William. its my fault that the chamber of commerce is virtually invisible in luring new investment to Hamilton that doesn't require mass amounts of land by the airport. its my fault that airlines come and go at our airport. it's my fault that no businesses feel inclined to locate operations along our lower city one-way freeways. it's my fault that toronto ships it's social recipients here on buses. etc etc.... you get the point.

Normally I don't repeat myself since everyone on here should be able to read, but go back and read my comments. I clearly state that folks in that area certainly deserve a library, and I don't mind the nice design. I'd rather have it built nice, than look like crap.

You must be related to the Spec's cartoonist. You have zero answers to my questions about sprawl and the bigger picture, so you resort to personal insults and name calling.

At least he has the stones to publish his cartoons under his real name, and not some anonymous banner on a blog.

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