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By Frank (registered) | Posted April 21, 2009 at 12:34:28

Utilizing your argument then, the residents north of Rymal road who pay taxes which contribute to transit in our city are also being screwed. You can't complain about sprawl/car dependancy if you're unwilling to develop amenities in areas where people live.

The area schools already visit the Central Library. In fact, take a look at the end of the report - Appendix A and you'll find that while losing a physical location, the Picton area residents are coming out with better service than they've had to date.

This is directly from the City's site "The way customers are using the Hamilton Public Library system is changing. The Central Library is getting busier each month due to its wide range of services and programs for all ages. Use of Picton Branch has declined markedly in the past few years. Library statistics show that these customers have voted with their feet and made their way to the Central Library". Also, from reading the HPL's Inner City service plan, they intend to add two stops for the Bookmobile in the Picton Neighbourhood and they're to correspond with the library's highest usage times.

Speculating that the Turner Park library was built over the backs of those in the North end is just that - speculation and entirely unfounded. Like I said, the plans have been in the works for a long time.

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