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By Frank (registered) | Posted April 21, 2009 at 11:54:30

Jay, have you been to that site? It's also a Y, has a great pool and gym and is surrounded on 3 sides by large residential surveys and has a lot of great social programs. Whether or not the money saved by closing one branch is being used to get this one going is not really proveable... in fact, I had the plans for the building on my desk almost 3 years ago (and they already included the library) and I'm not sure you can prove that Picton was already on the chopping block then. By the time they get to me, the project has already been in the works for 3 or so years in the design stage.

Transit service along Rymal is poor, there is barely any service north of Rymal. What this does is provide a large area of people with a library and a recreational facility nearby. Sure it sucks that they're closing the Picton branch, but taking a crap on Mountain residents isn't the answer either.

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