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By Mr. Meister (anonymous) | Posted April 20, 2009 at 01:12:43

You are comparing apples to pine cones. If you want to compare the population of Hamilton to another city do so on an equitable footing. These LITTLE cities you use as examples are much different than what we have here. If in your reality San Jose is a comparable size to Hamilton them LRT succeeding is a forgone conclusion. Have you ever been to any of the cities you list? Go to San Jose or St. Louis and then tell me (with a straight face) that Hamilton is just as big, just as much an urban destination. I just pray that whoever controls the pursestrings has a better grasp of reality.

You have now joined ranks with A Smith. You are fanatics with no regard for reality. You are using numbers and quoting them without any reasonable proof of cause and effect. My big problem is I work with this reality not some alter universe.

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