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By Mr. Meister (anonymous) | Posted April 17, 2009 at 13:42:00

Boston has less than 1 million? The city proper might because they do not amalgamate their urban centres the way we do. But realistically Boston has a population of 4.5 million. Boston proper is 600,000 the same as Hamilton but Boston covers less than 250KM2 and over half of that is water. So they end up with a density of almost 5,000/KM2. The real numbers are more like 4.5 million, 4,500 KM2 a density of almost 1,000/KM2. I just picked Boston because I like it. They have done a terrific job on their downtown. They got people to live there. Lots of loft style apartments and very creative re-inventing themselves.

The numbers repeat themselves with every one of your citys. Sure Oceanside has LRT it is a rail line running to San Diego. It is GO train by a different name. Do you really expect anybody to believe that St. Louis is under a million. Like the rest of your arguments they are wishful thinking and do not stand up to the light of day. I really do not understand why you are so anxious to waste hundreds of millions of tax dollars on an unwarranted rail system. There must be a better use for that much money. How about a new highway around Hamilton? Expand the link to three lanes? Widen Main St. by a couple of lanes to get more traffic flowing through the city? See I can be silly to.

I really believe that you actually see the folly of your arguments and are just to caught up in all to admit the error of your ideas. Why else would anybody try to get me or anybody else to believe that San Jose is less than 1 million. At least you gave me some giggles.

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