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By jason (registered) | Posted April 17, 2009 at 11:05:23

Frank, you are certainly in a unique spot along with other residents near you who are actually seeing daily life improve because of Red Hill. Count your blessings. 99% of new freeway construction doesn't benefit anyone, but adds more cars and more pollution to their respective cities. I actually feel good for folks in the NE part of the city who are experiencing a little relief from the massive onslaught of pollution that besets that part of town. Of course, with winners there are also losers - all the folks who live adjacent to the valley know that they lost in this one. The city confirmed their suspicions by refusing to track data and monitor air quality in their neighbourhoods after the freeway opening. In an effort to hide the results, the city has really just confirmed what they've all suspected. And of course, the parade of sprawl projects on the SE mountain/Stoney Creek mountain is really the biggest blight of this whole project. We all knew that it was really about residential sprawl and not 'career jobs' and 'manufacturing/industrial job creation' in that area. Hopefully the odd plant will get built in that area before all the land is filled with townhomes, parking lots and parking lots.

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