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By jason (registered) | Posted April 15, 2009 at 09:43:11

sorry, I hit the post button before I was done. Lol.

Regardless of the size of other cities, the point is that light rail is currently taking North America by storm.
I'm tired of people who are happy to see Hamilton go nowhere so they have something to complain about always comparing us in a negative light and coming up with excuses why we shouldn't get LRT or we shouldn't get a new stadium or we shouldn't clean up the harbour etc...... Many cities that used to be smaller than Hamilton have surpassed us for a reason. And it's not because they sat on their duffs saying "we can never do this" or "we can never do that".

Hamilton has all the pieces in place, especially along the densely populated B-line corridor to become a city like Portland where delegations visit from abroad to learn from us. I realize some people shudder at that thought. I personally can't wait to see that day.

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