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By jason (registered) | Posted April 14, 2009 at 13:30:25

Train Lane, absolutely. I've been on streets in other cities that are not very aesthetic, not very quiet, tons of traffic etc.... I usually stand there thinking "how the heck is every storefront filled and every eatery filling a large patio out front??" Then, I walk around a bit more and get my answer - the surrounding areas with 'nicer, proper' streetscapes are completely filled to the brim with businesses and people. As those areas fill up, the surrounding streets can't help but take the overflow.
We've slowly been seeing the same thing here for the past few years. Locke has begun to fill up and has several second floor businesses and some new ones in homes on side streets. As prices go up, some businesses have left for James Street. I'm hopeful that the trend continues and we see many more move for James Street. James South has done relatively well for itself over the years and now we see new eateries and businesses on John South.
I would guess that York will become more attractive as Cannon fills up and as the area around the new market becomes more popular in the years ahead. Of course, York could add street parking and bike lanes overnight while barely putting a dent in traffic congestion. It has mega-wide lanes, and east of Queen it has 2-3 lanes more than it needs on both Cannon and York/Wilson. Bike lanes and street parking would automatically slow down York to a more acceptable level and might make life a little easier for new businesses to open, knowing that patrons can park out front or use their bike or have a slightly more enjoyable and safer walk from the surrounding neighbourhoods. I've lived in Strathcona for 6 years and I think the last time I walked down York was just under 6 years ago.

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