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By urban_planner01 (anonymous) | Posted April 13, 2009 at 20:43:50

When does the crane go up. Jason your right this is Hamilton not Portland. Would love to see all 2 ways streets but lets face it main st will be like this forever or atleast until I die (only 27). Don't think making Main and King 2 way will solve all our problems either. Biggest problem with Hamilton is the people that live here but hate it and seems to think the people hangning out downtown are going to kill them or do something to them. What it comes down to is that a lot of people in society are very jugdgemental of how people look. I personally don't care about what people look like other than for the fact that I know it seems to bother everyone else. I go to Mohawk College and have to constantly keep my mouth shut when people cut this great city up. Honestly when i hear people voice there complaints about downtown its very seldom I hear about the one way streets and the traffic on main. 90% of the time its about the people walking around down there and how "Scary"they look. me and you both know its just ignorance on their part however that still the case. One last thing you making refrence to Portland is no better then the other crowd camparing things to toronto except T.O. is a crap hole and everyone who thinks it is so great had probably never left Ontario

Anyway heres to Harry and the hopes of creating a project that brings a "higher" class of society downtown.

P.S. sorry for highjacking the post just had to spill my guts to someone.

P.P.S. I have tried to register to RTH however I never got my verification e-mail

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