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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted April 12, 2009 at 12:57:00

A Smith writes: What is so evident about it? Where is it written that workers rights supersede investors rights? Where is the evidence that backs the claim that worker run businesses are superior in producing what consumers want and need?

Workers Rights vs Investors Rights:

Occupational Health and Safety Act enacted 1979.

I have been taking courses in Occupational Health and Safety and had the opportunity to look at particular case, where a worker died on Nov 18, 1999.

This particular company was under the hospices of the Ministry of Natural Resources because of the product, explosives.

The Ministry of Labour had not inspected this plant in four years.

The workers were mostly middle age women, who were in constant fear of losing their low wage jobs, if they addressed any issues in relation to Health and Safety.

Under the feds, any fires were supposed to be reported, fires were almost a daily occurance, which were never reported. The new machine added to the production line, was suppose to get approval from an engineer from the Ministry of Natural Resources. The company did not get approval and the worker responsible for the implemetnation of the machine into the system did not have the requried skill in the area of electrical systems.

While the workers had the right to have a Health and Safety worker rep, under the Act, this company had no real plan in place. The company did not have accessable MSDS available as to describe the hazards in the plant. Housekeeping also played a part in the tradegy. It was an accident waiting to happen.

Under section 43(3)(a)(b)(c): A worker may refuse work or do the particular work where he or she has reason to belief that it is dangerous.

Under section 50(1)(a)(b)(c)(d), no reprisals, dismissals etc by the employer

In this particular case, it really did not matter that the employees would lose their jobs if they complained, yet it is very clearly outlined in the Act, that there will not be any reprisals on a work refusal Health and Safety Issue.

It is also disturbing that the Ministry of Labour adopted the stance they are not in the business of protecting workers safety, rather it is in the business of enforcing compliance. Yet given the product that was produced, how come the Ministry had not inspected the plant in four years?

In this case the workers rights to health and safety completely override the rights of the investors making money.

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