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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted April 11, 2009 at 23:01:40

NB >> can you understand concepts that take more than one sentence to explain?

Concepts that are of value need to be clear and concise, not confusing and cryptic.

For example, what exactly does..."decision making input is apportioned in proportion to degree affected by virtue of the operations of workers and consumers councils" actually mean?

What is it about the "operations" of workers and the councils that needs to be considered? It's so vague it could mean anything?

Or how about this..."the attainment of the claim regarding workplace decisions in respect to relative impact on workers in the workplace, ought to be evident

What is so evident about it? Where is it written that workers rights supersede investors rights? Where is the evidence that backs the claim that worker run businesses are superior in producing what consumers want and need?

>> Any why does 2/3 of the Internet run on free software designed and coordinated entirely by volunteers?

Because there are people who feel the need to sacrifice themselves so that corporations like Microsoft don't make money off what they see as the electronic commune. The fact that the shareholders of Google and other corporations enjoy higher profit margins because of their anti-corporate work, is rather ironic however.

Furthermore, if a bunch of workers want to get together and provide free cars to consumers, I'm sure they will corner the market as well. However, building cars requires more than just spare time at the keyboard, so I don't think the Apache model will ever be more than an anomaly.

But please tell me why there aren't any large "worker run" companies. If they make better decisions, they should be taking market share from traditional companies, but so far that hasn't happened. Why not?

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