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By number crunching (anonymous) | Posted April 11, 2009 at 13:37:59

Jason wrote:

'A poster incorrectly states that the entire LRT route will be built on different streets, thus doubling the cost of installation for the entire route.
In fact, an alignment along King and Main would only take place from Paradise Road to the Delta - 6 kilometers in length. A quick look at a city map is all one needs to do to figure this out.
Obviously the city will do excellent research, but I know many folks read posts like the one above and don't bother to view the route for themselves. It can lead to misconceptions and misinformation.
As has been stated in the media, on the city's transit site and here at RTH, the LRT system will run along a median transit alignment the rest of the route. "

So the split concept will mean a cost of $15x12km + $25x10km, or roughly $430 million to set the rail, $30 million more than keeping it strictly on Main. I guess the question is, what benefit is accomplished by spending that extra money to split the route rather than keep it on one street?

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