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By an idea (anonymous) | Posted April 08, 2009 at 20:06:49

I think it would be great if the LRT B-line would actually go through Westdale and right into McMaster University with two or three stops there. Westdale is a great destination and would benefit from an LRT line. McMaster University is even a more popular destination and many people have travel needs to the university that go beyond a single stop at the McMaster University Medical Centre (MUMC).

I know this is wishful thinking. McMaster University wants no vehicular traffic to go through its campus, and I understand the city plan is to build up the corridor along Main West.

However, I really believe having transit go right through Westdale and the heart of campus would make more sense in serving the transit needs of Hamiltonians. I also think having many LRT stops on McMaster's campus would make the campus more pedestrian friendly and encourage people to take transit there. Wouldn't it be great if the LRT stopped at the student centre/library, and then at the GO transit terminal on campus, and then made its way down to the hospital? These are places people want to go.

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