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By sylvander (registered) | Posted April 08, 2009 at 17:33:12

This is my first post and since I am about to identify my true self I may have to change my pseudonym. My name is Harry Greenwood and my daughter who is a reader of Raise the Hammer informs me that quite often she has noticed some reference to me in the Comments. I googled and found this to be the case and the question of my being and my whereabouts was raised on a few of those comments. For the interested few, I am well and living on the beautiful west coast, West Vancouver to be precise. I am still actively involved in many aspects of social, educational and political life. I am a Library Board Trustee, Arts Festival Board member, often facilitate a Philosophers Cafe and belong to Simon Fraser U. Lifelong Learning Society. Still have some active involvement with the Trade Union and my political party. I am a Royal Canadian Legion Member and as a D-Day veteren I will be returning to Normandy on June 6th for the 65th Anniversary of that event. I am still physically active and do Tai Chi twice a week and I am looking forward to having a Happy 84th birthday nexy week. Hamilton will always be a part of my life as Labour Council Chair, Mohawk College Governor, McMaster Advisory on Continuing Education, United Way and of course as a Negotiator for Local 1005 and too many other involvements to list. For those of you kind enough to enquire this is my life!

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