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By LL (registered) - website | Posted April 08, 2009 at 14:11:52

This goes back to what I was posting months ago. I don't think one-way streets for King and Main are necessarily bad, considering the "long" shape of lower Hamilton. The real problems are the number and width of lanes, the lights set to encourage speeding, and the hostility of current planning to peds and cyclists.

Is there a way to time lights for maximum efficiency of LRT?

If not, then I think they should have one-way King and Main with timed lights to 40km/hr. It would provide a smooth ride for drivers, a comfortable environment for pedestrians, and cyclists of different abilities could ride the wave at either 20 or 40 km/hr.

The key though, for both King and Main, is to appropriate one lane for LRT, a half-lane for sidewalk, and a half-lane for bikes. Allowing for an adjustment period of increased car congestion, this would make the functioning of King and Main much more efficient and pleasant.

I think the city should try their best to time these changes in accordance with the next spike in oil prices. The conformist element of Hamilton reacts to lower energy prices like bacteria to an increase of food supply. They really do get more bold and aggressive with their engines, and that could have political consequences.

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