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By highwater (registered) | Posted April 07, 2009 at 11:54:08

It's well known that A Smith...only has one horse which he flogs until it lies dying on a taxpayers' sidewalk.

After which the taxpayer has to clean it up him/herself because having animal control officers is socialism which will sap us of our moral fibre. Having to dispose of all the dead horses by ourselves, will turn us into Captains of Industry, striding across the economic landscape like Galtian collosii! Woohoo! It worked for A Smith after all. I mean, if he weren't a titan living off the proceeds of his prudent investments, he wouldn't have so much time on his hands to pass on his pearls of wisdom to the rest of us. Let me at those rotting carcasses!

I like the fact that you don't even try to argue in favour of high tax rates

That's because people who favour high tax rates exist only in the fever swamp of your imagination. Here in the real world, opposing dangerously low tax rates is not the same thing as favouring high ones.

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