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By LL (registered) - website | Posted April 06, 2009 at 22:47:32

Sure, the majority of people today follow the consumerism/growth paradigm like sheep. But the minority of people who are into sustainable technics, new urbanism etc. are visionaries who are going to have a disproportionate influence in coming years. Don't ever let them make you feel small! It's their own insecurities talking - especially these petty local elites.

When I read a solid analysis like this article, I'm always disappointed at the end when it talks about what "we" - meaning the institutions of global capitalism - are going to do. I'm urging people to: 1) fully acknowledge the fact that "we" have absolutely no power in these institutions, 2) consider the possibility that they are completely moribund and incompetent when it comes to matters of ecology, and 3) consider focusing on political projects for change outside of the state.

I think it's important for eco-activists to have a solid social analysis. It's fine to pan neo-liberalism. But it's also important to understand how neo-liberalism is related to capitalism as a whole.

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