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By jazzfan (anonymous) | Posted January 17, 2007 at 23:28:04

I don’t need or want my elected government telling me how to spend $35.  I’m not asking for the government to trust me with $35; I’m telling my government not to meddle in my life over $35 choices.  $35 is the fee for a $200 loan (California and Arizona.  In Oregon it is $20.  In Nevada it is $18 per hundred).  Perhaps government can solve some real problems, like education and social security.  What’s next…I can’t buy ice cream because it has too much fat, or too expensive?  If I need $200 to pay my rent (because if I don’t I’m on the street), I don’t need my government telling me I can’t spend the $35.  If $35 I my best financial option, because I can’t get a loan anywhere else, including from my government or government regulated banks, then don’t you think government should focus on something else?  The industry is regulated by the State and must operate within every consumer protection law.  The non-sense needs to stop and government needs to focus on the important things like education, taxes, and infrastructure.  I sometimes use the payday loan service, I follow the legislative process of new bills, and I’m a voter.  Protect consumer rights to financial alternatives or lose my vote!

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