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By omro (registered) | Posted March 31, 2009 at 03:25:09

But I wanted LRT for Christmas and all I got was a stupid tax rebate that's only just about enough to buy a 50" plasma screen TV :-(

Now I'll have to walk to work or take the bus and get my TV shipped from Korea and then trucked to my nearest electrical retailer's warehouse and then delivered by van to my home.

In the meantime watch this, it's about LRT in Charlotte, NC:

A quote from Republican Mayor McCrory, taken from the video clip "Mass transit's not just about transportation. It's about economic development, creating jobs, and making money. And that's why a conservative like me supports it."

and from Keith Parker: "Property values went from about $92,000 to $195,000 in this economy. And just overall you've seen a neighbourhood absolutely transformed. These are not millionaires, and so on, these are blue collar, working class people."

So we have economic development, new jobs, new money and increased property prices.

OR I can have a plasma screen TV. Decisions, decisions.

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