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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted March 30, 2009 at 13:31:45

Ryan >> As I've argued before, narrow moralizing is no basis for public policy.

What is the basis of public policy if not morality and principles? Simple majority?

>> LRT leads to new private investment, which leads to increased tax assessment, which leads to more revenue for the government.

So does leaving money in people's pockets. The difference is that funding the LRT requires coercion, while the other does not.

Highwater >> No one's listening because you've completely undermined your moral authority with your disregard for the suffering of others.

That's because your sense of morality includes heavily taxing the people of Hamilton, just so city employees can earn a wage 50-80% higher than they do. Your moral compass has been broken a long, long time.

>> This from the person who drones on and on about how we have to reduce the property tax rate to 1% because of all the investment and spin off benefits it will bring?

Yes, you're right. Except that when people spend money, rather than government, businesses make investments based on real consumer demand, rather than who has the best lobbying effort at city hall. That's why government investments are less effective then the private sector, they fail to listen to what ALL the consumers are telling them.

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