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By LL (registered) - website | Posted March 30, 2009 at 13:14:29

Great program, overall.

"...It's also well-established that additional road capacity leads to additional vehicle use and that reducing road capacity results in reduced vehicle use."

I'm still waiting for a Red Hill Extortionway proponent to respond to this scientifically verified FACT.

This also explains the question of how the municipality will pay for these reforms. Mass motoring and sprawl are huge and growing portions of the city budget.

One more thing: as a social anarchist, I object to JonC's accusation that A Smith is "talking anarchy." Anarchy is not chaos. By definition, anarchy is a social system without rulers. Thererore, the rule of capitalists is not anarchy - "anarcho-capitalists" to the contrary. I feel it's important to make this distinction, since social anarchism is such a rich source of community eco-activism, here and elsewhere. Maybe "chaos" is a better descriptor.

However, like A Smith, I am troubled at the centralized, authoritarian character of the greenbelt plan. However, it's kind of expected when the municipalities are RULED by suburban land developers.

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