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By Michelle Martin (registered) - website | Posted March 28, 2009 at 16:13:13

Highwater, your point about the prosperity gospel is a good one. Being Catholic, I'm not that up on the divisions among Evangelical Protestants, but I was under the impression that mainstream and eminent American Evangelical leaders have rejected the prosperity gospel as being unchristian. I'm wondering just how much mega-church members account for the population of American evangelicals as a whole, and if, in fact, every one of the mega-churches even preaches that stuff. It always struck me as a perversion of mainstream Christian teaching taught by a few high-profile people in order to justify lifestyles they had already chosen (perhaps we have a chicken or egg problem here where the prosperity gospel and the credit crisis are concerned). It is unfortunate that their profile is just high enough for the prosperity gospel to have become confused with mainstream Evangelical thought in a lot of people's minds.

Does anyone know if there are pastors in Canada who are preaching the prosperity gospel? All of my Evangelical friends don't follow it-- they are among the most environmentally conscious and simple-living people I know, who work hard for those less fortunate, and I regard their example as an excellent one for me, personally.

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