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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted March 21, 2009 at 23:24:45

Woody >> I guess all those other government agencies like, taxation, RCMP, Justice etc.. are all welfare projects. Wish we had more of those welfare type positions in this town.

Yes, they are all welfare projects, but your list should also include hospitals, schools/universities and all city employees jobs. None of these entities have to compete in the marketplace and without the ability to forcibly take a portion of people's income, they would not exist.

A better idea would be to reduce the percentage of non productive, taxpayer subsidized jobs, as this would allow more money to flow to private businesses. Private sector jobs are disciplined by competition, which means that over time they are forced to increase their performance, which leads to increases in real output and real wages.

In contrast, if you fill your economy with government jobs, your economy reduces the number of people who are actually fighting for their jobs and you end up weaker because of it and ever more reliant on the government to keep you fed and clothed. Nothing in life is free, stress and competition is a part of life, but they also make us better and stronger. Knowing this, what Hamilton really needs is a reduction in government spending as a percentage of the local economy and more reliance on the harsh world of the private sector, where workers actually have to keep innovating, or be kicked out the door.

Bringing in more cushy, taxpayer protected jobs is the last thing this city needs, if it actually wants to regain the title of "The Ambitious City". The city's current motto...Together Aspire - Together Achieve, sounds like something that might have come out of Cuba, or the former U.S.S.R, both great examples of failed economic models.

If this city wants to stop being the butt of other people's jokes, we should go back to the economic model that produced lots of good paying jobs, private enterprise. It is working in China, Vietnam, India and all the other nations that once relied on public spending to grow the economy, so there is no reason to believe it won't work here.

>> Imagine how all of Ottawa's fine restaurants, shopping and expensive home market would fare if all the "welfare jobs" were removed. Lol....some people....

Imagine how much better Hamilton's fine restaurants, shopping and expensive home market would be if we allowed the private sector to dominate our local economy...,_Canada

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