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By D.S. (anonymous) | Posted January 15, 2007 at 16:46:25

You are so right, cynic. The one case of the Pit pup that was euthanized that i have heard about -She did nothing to merit death. She shoulder pinned an adult dog in a dog park. This was not aggresive behaviour. No biting, no grabbing. or nipping involved. It was either play behaviour, or a dog-type request for the older dog to turn the play level down a notch. (Why would anybody take a pup that they had just adopted to a leash-free area? You have to know your dog well, before you try that out.)

I'm really fed up with this idea of 'The rights of people vs. the rights of dogs' Who do they think owns the dog(s)? Dog in themselves have no rights. But people do have a right to be safe from idiots who won't keep their dogs from running at large & hurting people.

People (dog owners) have no rights specific to owning dogs either, but no one should be persecuted/prosecuted over what somebody else did. Do these folks think this means that people who own dogs should have Less rights, because that is what is often seems to come down to? We are diminished as people because we own a dog.

More owner responsibility written into laws that actually can be enforced seems fair to me. Breed banning,& muzzles in public actively prevent people from training & raising puppys to become friendly, confident, respectful adult dogs. It encourages the keeping of 'back yard' dogs, chained dogs, & dogs that have no idea how to behave around children, or the elderly.
(People who train & foster service dog pups do not put them in the back yard/basement/or on a chain for 6 months! If you want a dog that knows how to behave well in public, obedience train it early & then get it out there, into the real world on a leash, Show it how to behave & what a joy it is to be among people of all ages.)

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