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By jason (registered) | Posted March 19, 2009 at 22:17:50

hmmm, let's see. Since I've lived downtown I've personally witnessed 3 trailers fly off and end up on city sidewalks on our lower city 'freeways'. A year or two ago, the BMO at Bay/Main was smashed up by rolling steel coils off the back of a transport. Of course this COULD happen on any street, but the fact is, it shouldn't even be possible on these downtown streets. The trucks should be signed to use our freeway network. Other than the expected sprawl, we were always told by city hall that Red Hill would finally allow all these shortcutting trucks on Cannon/Main etc.... to get out of downtown. Big surprise, nothing has changed. I was walking along York and had I been 2 blocks ahead of where I was, would have been squished like a pancake by one of these things. We have more than enough highways now. It's time to take back our downtown streets for commerce, people, business, vibrancy and livability.

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