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By David (anonymous) | Posted March 15, 2009 at 17:05:11

Restoring the livability of streets is a good plan, as long as there are good alternatives with few or sensored traffic lights. Otherwise, you end up with people speeding through parks or other areas for the replacement shortcuts, usually to avoid traffic control.

From the original article, it's hard to understand why the featured building is considered an eyesore (particularly by the commenter) when the skyscraper in the background is not. Or how could that street ever be "fixed" to be a quaint area with the big city influence looming over it.

Perhaps completely against the philosophy here, but at some point it seems one has to ask if a city can obsolete itself against meaningful improvement with size and population. Small, quaint towns surrounded by agriculture will be the key places to live once transportation energy becomes a serious factor.

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