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By Deputy Dawg (anonymous) | Posted March 13, 2009 at 09:09:46

Long-time reader...first-time user...

I wonder if there would be consideration for revising the report card. Does Mohawk really need an HOV lane? With the Linc just south of Mohawk, I would prefer to see transit priority lanes on Mohawk instead.

And, my real quandry is with the after-hours, lights-out program. How does this combat the surge in graffiti and vandelism? Police will tell you to install better lighting to discourage loiterers. While I understand the need to reduce our electricity consumption...wouldn't it be better that we ensure that all lighting used is energy effecient?

One final hick-up...with all these calls for cut-backs on electricity use, are we not just shifting the use to the increased call for electric vehicles? I don't see the savings on this one...

Any education on this would be appreciated.


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