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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted March 10, 2009 at 08:46:46

Ryan: I can agree with you on many of your points. Even though there is labour law, it is only as good as it is enforced, and well there are many bad employers out there. In the temp industry, many of these employers are some of the worst, especially when it comes to health and safety issues. It should be noted that when a temp worker steps into the clients workplace, it is their responsibility, the client to ensure a safe workplace, that all are entitled to orientation and it would be a good idea to tell them who the worker's health and safety rep is in the company. You are entitled to have access to the Material Safety Data Sheets if working with hazardous chemicals.

We need to see a resugence of the labour movement in which all workers stand up for each other, not divided into pockets where some have rights and others do not.

The temp market will be growing and workers in this industry need to know their rights. The system itself will send a temp worker who has lost their job to the not for profits, who do nothing in terms of fighting for your rights, they will just send you to programs on who to do a resume or how to do an interview and will not address your violations to your employment rights. They will often force into precarious workplaces and even deny you the right to earn a wage, as you fall under the workfare policies.

If no scrutiny is given to these organizations, the not for profits, then many workers will be left struggling.

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