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By Action Jackson (anonymous) | Posted March 09, 2009 at 12:41:51

Right on! The good thing is the old, white, pot bellied people *know* this so they picked the one candidate who isn't like them but is like they people they want to attract into the party. Mark my words, this is the start of a resurgence for the Dippers. They made the right choice instead of 8 more years of old and grey and irrelevant.

If Horwath is smart she'll study what made the party successful in the first place, namely workers rights, social justice and the environment. These things become more important in a crisis, when times are getting better we can afford to ignore them (like since the mid 90s).

The NDP thrives in economic crisis, because they're the ones who are really paying attention to the little guy -- and in a crisis, with incomes falling and people losing there jobs, we all start to feel like the little guy.

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