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By Woody10 (registered) | Posted March 02, 2009 at 01:28:01

Well, well, Grassroots. You are one angry dude (dudet??) Anyway, I'm tired of arguing about who knows who about how they are on welfare or WSIB etc. It's not the point. I agree with you that the government is screwed and can't figure out who desreves what and who doesn't. No argument there, and I wish they could fix it but, you know as well as I that they won't put any effort into that one. I knew one girl who was a single mom on welfare, new condo in Oakville, full education (degree) and was refusing $40 000 a year jobs because she felt she was worth more, lol. Then my buddy moved in with her and she still continued on welfare even though the government knew he was there and he was making good coin!!!! The unfairness of it all is astounding. I also agree about the bad employers as well. That is fairly common in most places wouldn't you say?? I've experienced a few personally. So whatever you think you can do just realize the crap that's gonna hit you head on in the process. Both getting the good people help and the bad people being helped caught! And I do have an idea buddy, I do!

So can we end this little discussion now with a semi-agreement withstanding.......??????

Three cheers for Hamilton, it's new stadium and more jobs (of all kinds) for those that need em'. Oskie wee wee!

I'm tired now, goodnight.

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