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By don't throw out the baby (anonymous) | Posted January 11, 2007 at 17:10:33

In the context used by the author of the original article, the iconic structure is an advertisement, drawing people (tourists and otherwise) to the city where it was built.

It points to the importance of timing in advertising, especially when it is effective. If it succeeds in its purpose, drawing people to the "product" when the product is defective, the service bad, or in the case of an iconic building, without the rest of the community in a position to present accompanying diversions, visitors will be disappointed. The ad, or building, has done what it should do, attract people, but I've often seen conventioneers in Hamilton, for instance, wandering the streets trying to find something else going on that would entertain them- the day to day stuff that gives them a sense of life in this town. Are the restaurants and pubs, the museums, the galleries present, and open?

I see a similar thing on the James North Gallery strolls. The galleries are open and interesting, but I'm always surprised at how few other shops are open on James North on a Friday night, compared to such districts in other cities I've visited.

I'd hate to see the galleries close, or no longer run their strolls, because there wasn't the support from surrounding businesses (and some of those gaps do seem to be filling now.) I don't think we can call this initiative a failure either. But there does seem to be, still, a lack of co-ordination between various elements in the city- business, administration, political, arts, that make this the level of success it could and should be, for the broader community.

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