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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted February 25, 2009 at 23:44:21

Downtown is sadly lacking in places to just 'sit down & park it'. Sitting space with some shade trees with public facilities for local
shows, music/concerts,charity events, & taxpayer rallies against high taxes (LOL!) could all be accomodated by a public friendy gathering space. We could do many free things in that space from the onset of good weather into the Fall. Most cities have this kind of venue for public gatherings. It would bring in money, people, & more interest to the Downtown core. It could showcase Hamilton's diversity, & creativity.

Concerts, art shows, holiday events, cultural showcases, Hamilton history displays, events for local charities, maybe even a small outdoor cafe. I don't understand why these things seem to be so 'foreign & alien'? I don't understand why City Hall seems to want people at a very long arm's length from it & it's processes. I think the plaza, meeting place would be less expensive than either the glass enclosure or relocation of City Hall, & it will bring in some direct & indirect revinues to Hamilton as well as inspire some civic pride. A clean open welcoming place might inspire a little more co-operation & less divisiveness between Hamilton & it's former neighbours.

Other smaller cities do this, & many larger ones too. The most important part of Hamilton is it's citizens aka taxpayers.

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