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By g. (anonymous) | Posted February 25, 2009 at 22:11:43

i wonder how the author feels about fuel efficiency ratings on new cars? or energy star ratings on appliances? doesn't this ratings system unfairly punish people who build and sell inefficient vehicles and fridges?

does the author honestly believe that people buying an older house would not have some understanding that there is the potential that the older house might be less energy efficient than a newer one? this system will simply quantify what people already presume, hopefully with some interesting exceptions, like well performing, well maintained older houses or identify shoddily built cheap newer homes that were not built with care. it will simply allow people to make informed decisions.

p.s. new windows are an over hyped way of making a building more energy efficient. in most cases the money isn't justified and is better spent insulating, weather stripping and improving the efficiency of the heating and air conditioning. this is why the government will subsidize so little of the cost of upgrading windows compared with other renovations. window replacement is driven by the window replacement industry not sound research.

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