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By David (anonymous) | Posted January 11, 2007 at 13:59:11

A news media working on the side of Americans rather than gov't is essential. Case in point - that Dubai ports deal, which the news media DID report on very well, and it so inflamed everyone that the gov't backed away from it immediately. I believe gov't has generally been astonished at the apathy level of Americans regardless of what they do in the world, that they are emboldened to do whatever they want without fear of public response - especially when the news media is in their back pocket and don't report it to begin with. And also because they have encouraged large personal debt to keep folks too busy keeping their head above water to ask questions - relagated to be the "obedient workers" that George Carlin spoke of. The news media needs to be opened back up to the kind of investigative reporting that will hold gov't honest and accountable.

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