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By TreyS (registered) | Posted February 25, 2009 at 20:19:39

fair enough Hopeful

Understood, that households with fewer people do consume less per capita, definitely in terms of energy. In terms of garbage, I'd suspect it's somewhat less per capita but not a great deal.

We couldn't conceivably force empty nesters out of their 3-bedroom home after the children are gone.

Def Not a tax grab I agree. Although the $150 grant will be recovered through taxes in about 5 transactions. So for people to think this is wasted tax payers dollars, it's simply circulating dollars through the system to be eventually recouped and recycled again.

The secret to globalization prosperity is through trade surplus. Add more dollars to our national economy without printing more money, that is with positive trade balances in favour of Canada. That way more money can circulate without inflation. The tax and spend policy that is so often criticized by conservatives does not mean money is 'burned' when taxed or spent. it's simply collected then spent again within our own economy and collected again through taxes and so on. Money needs to flow, or it's called a recession.

Sorry for the off topic rant, I'm just baiting Capitalist. :)

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