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By David (anonymous) | Posted January 11, 2007 at 13:37:05

The USA has ceased to be a democracy. It started with the Kennedy assasination, but it has never been more obvious than now. Of the many reasons, the War on Truth is the one we see every day, although the War on Liberty is a close second. The major news media have been effectively silenced to discuss what is really going on, and their own advertisers wouldn't benefit from the details of a gov't run amuck, so stories about celebrities ride over stories of gov't lies and corruption. Start with the owner's admitted "pulling" of WTC7 without any follow-up questions of how weeks worth of scientific explosives placement could have been accomplished in the afternoon of the disaster - a question of profound importance which illuminates the remainder of that day as something much different than we have been told. It is very easy, with all the secrecy, to conclude that none of these major ops in the world are for the benefit of America. One of the most interesting news stories would be a serious investigation of major news media and just exactly what, or more specifically - whom - is behind this silence and secrecy. No matter how much truth is told on the Web, it stands in stark contrast to what is told to Americans on the evening news. And for those who pay attention to both, the contrast is severely disturbing. Even the word "petrodollar" appears to be banned. The US gov't is more and more feeling like an organization working for the gain of a few major world money players, ignoring the American people, and the news media is somehow in on the deal.

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