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By OccasionalCommentor (anonymous) | Posted February 25, 2009 at 12:56:40

I'll chime in and agree with Ryan on his point of view.

Firstly, how does one deem an Energy Efficiency Auditor as legit? And by what means can we entirely be certain that their calculations on efficiency be the defacto method of testing efficiency?

I know one would point to a home inspector as proof of market, but a home inspector is not required - they are hired at your own discretion.

I've had a home inspector audit my new home and while he did point out many items of consideration, he also missed many because he couldn't modify the home in a way that would make it more clear to inspect, ie: removing drywall to find damage, inspect interior furnace mechanisms, etc.

I think the idea of an Energy Audit is great, but it should not be a requirement since it cannot be guaranteed.

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