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By jason (registered) | Posted February 25, 2009 at 12:32:17

Trey, we've been hearing and begging for years that the government will offer incentives for solar/wind options for homeowners. And we're still waiting. this is just plain stupid. anyone worth their salt gets a home inspection when they buy a home. it's high time the government start getting serious about green initiatives like Germany and California instead of always coming up with dumb ideas like this that only punish homeowners. I'll be plenty green on my own if the government doesn't throw up roadblocks and better yet, if they add some incentive. How stupid to charge people $300, meanwhile Stelco and Dofasco are belching out all sorts of crap whenever they please with vague responses and empty apologies. What good is it for us to create 'green' homes if they're going to constantly be covered in black soot and other poisonous toxins??

Someday I plan to do wind/solar power options in my home and even some geothermal, depending on the cost changes over the next number of years. The government should focus on massive investments into electric LRT, proper urban form and start working towards alternative forms of energy. I'd happily pay $300 if I knew the result would be getting entire towns and cities off the traditional grid. They've done it Germany. Why not here??

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