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By Six (anonymous) | Posted February 24, 2009 at 13:10:59

Ah, the joys of dream and insult. Just look at us. In today's Spec Bob Bratina tearily invokes Barak Obama to influence public opinion. I mean, holy leapin' logic Bratman, how can we expect better of our representatives if our own discussions deal mostly in what-ifs, coulda-bins and the ever fantastic behaviours of "they". Can't we get down to earth and consider what is most likely to motivate us?


1. I am a visionary RaisetheHammer blogger. What is attractive about the drawing way up at the top of this blog? Is it the stadium or the greenspace and residential development around it? How will people get to the stadium? It looks like they will have to walk through residential neighbourhoods. If there were more parking spaces (less parkland and housing) wouldn't people then have to drive through residential neighbourhoods?

2. I am a resident within Paul Wilson's 10-minute walk to a proposed 25-30,000 seat stadium. How much longer will it take me to get home when there's an event in the stadium? What is the extra risk to my children from additional traffic? While most people are orderly and well behaved, will there likely be more noise, vandalism and drunkeness among those walking past my front porch after a stadium event? Will it be better for me to have more events or fewer at the stadium?

3. If I live within blocks of a busy stadium, will I want to invest more in my home? All things being equal, will future home-buyers want to live next door to a busy stadium, or will my property's value decline? Will I be motivated to discourage holding many events in a neighbourhood stadium?

4. What will do more the for existing businesses in the area, more local residents, or an occasional-event stadium?

5. I love football and rock'n'roll, and I'm still a nice guy. The game/concert just ended. Do I:
a) head to James N. to visit the art galleries?
b) head over to Hess Village for dinner & a few beers, keep the party going?
c) rush the exits to beat the traffic because the nearby residential neighbourhood is in decline and kinda scary?

6. I am CEO of one of the few corporations fortunate enough in this economy to have the money to consider naming rights to a brand new stadium. Which will give me the most bang for my bucks--which alternative would I be willing to pay more for:
a) a stadium in a residential neighbourhood that is either run down and/or where the homeowners actively resist frequent use of my named facility?
b) a busy stadium next to current commercial development, highway, GO and future rapid-transit lines where thousands will see my name in lights every day even if there isn't an event in the stadium?

7. I'm a good guy owner of a small sports franchise. Making a go of that is a constant struggle, what with all the entertainment options available to the public these days. I need to take full advantage of every possible revenue stream even if only to show I'm not deliberately running a tax write-off scheme. How much business am I willing to give up due to limitations in public access and because I've alienated potential nearby ticket holders?

8. I'm a rock'n'roll, or other special-events entrepreneur. Where am I likely to make more money with fewer problems:
a) in a stadium with public access problems in the middle of a residential neighbourhood?
b) in any number of existing and potential sites without such limitations, between Niagara Falls to Oshawa?

9. I'm a bright, creative public representative in a satellite South Ont. city enjoying the confidence of my constituents and with confidence in city staff. I know running a city comes down to bread and circuses, and I'm willing to spend some bread on the circus in town, especially when other levels of government will pitch in. Why are better locations for a stadium deemed too complex to develop before even being considered? What does THAT say about me and the competence of city staff? When it comes to location, why am I only given a choce between bad and worse rather than among good, better and best?

10. I'm a citizen of Hamilton. What is most likely to make this burgh look smart, modern, competent and on the go:
a) a busy, multi-use stadium close to multi-transit access surrounded by industrial and commercial development?
b) a city that has post-poned investing in circuses to put its limited financial resources behind improving public health, education, residential communities and environmental/energy industry growth?
c) a city that risks current residential and commercial growth to build a stadium that is used a dozen times a year and has a good view of Aldershot?

I know there will be many who will respond differently than I have to these questions. For them I offer the following bonus-point make-up:

Have you, or are you willing to invest all your savings to buy a home or open a small business near this proposed Tiffany St. stadium?

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