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By jason (registered) | Posted February 24, 2009 at 08:41:16

I think every kind of economic development ties into poverty reduction. I'm a big believer in Richard Florida's concept of a livable, creative, dynamic city that will draw the best companies and workers. There's a huge intangible called 'quality of life' that is at the top of the list for 21st Century companies and employees. Arts, culture, greenspace, sports, recreation, vibrant downtowns, attractive neighbourhoods, transit etc.... all play huge role in drawing new companies, and therefore, new wealth into the city. Hamilton should know this by now. We've spent the lions share of our tax dollars on road/highway/sprawl infrastructure for the past 30 years and where has it gotten us in terms of becoming a magnet for well-paying jobs and companies?? nowhere. Because, it's an old, outdated model from the middle of last century that doesn't work anymore, and hasn't for a couple of decades.

Quality of life and the livability of a city must be the number one goal of our city council. Things like LRT, bustling commercial districts through the city, and especially downtown, along with recreational facilities, sports/arts venues, an active population, walkable/cyclable city and well-maintained greenspace is the way forward if we ever expect to see poverty begin to be reduced in Hamilton.

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