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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted February 21, 2009 at 23:43:43

Grassroots, If this stadium lasts 80 years like Ivor Wynne has it will be around for many recessions and boom times. There are many arguments as to why this is the best time to build, but the one I find most convincing is that we are being offered free money to help build the stadium/velodrome.

Sports facilities provide lasting benefits to the community not only for the ti-cats, but the velodrome will provide a training facility for future athletes. Wouldn't it be great if some more Olympians were from Hamilton?

On some of the comments of others:
There is certainly a danger, and a real danger I think, that city council will replicate Ivor Wynne, a single use facility that does not integrate well into the neighbourhood. We have to convince them to create a proper mixed use facility with a streetwall of shops and businesses which can operate and create income and generate street traffic in the area year round. The shops should also be something that will fit into the surrounding neighbourhood and provide services that are needed in the area. Mixed use facilities are the way forward, and I wholly support the idea of a mixed use facility in order to make the most of this windfall of provincial and federal money.

To "wondering" I was just curious if you wrote into your councillor to suggest a 403/Red Hill location?

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