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By jason (registered) | Posted February 21, 2009 at 08:58:46

An interesting piece in today's Spec with examples from Manchester:

I realize that some in the north end/west harbour neighbourhood would prefer to put a bubble up over the waterfront and their little neighbourhood and not ever allow anyone else in, but that's not the view of most, who realize that our waterfront is a great asset and having empty warehouses surrounding it doesn't help the image of the area.

I think the 'mixed-use' term comes from current day ideas such as the ones talked about in this spec article. Our current stadium was built 80 years ago. Most Hamiltonians (unless they've travelled or paid attention via the internet) can't visualize a mixed-use stadium.
Add in a commercial/retail/restaurant component as I outlined in this blog post and you've got a vibrant area that will be an attraction all year-round, not just for TiCat games.

I'm also excited about the possibility to speed up rapid transit plans for Hamilton if we land the PanAm Games.
If we do this properly, it would be wonderful for Hamilton's economy and future. Don't forget Richard Florida and the 'Creative Class'. It doesn't just involve art's an overall quality of life, great facilities, sporting options etc..... Pittsburgh, PA continually wins awards for it's livability in the US and the vast array of urban sporting options in top notch facilities and beautiful natural areas in the city are always cited as main factors. Hamilton has the same potential here - we've got the natural blessing, but little in the way of excellent facilities.

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