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By Scrambler (anonymous) | Posted February 20, 2009 at 13:51:48

How about James and York for the Scrambler? Consider what is across the road from the market/library location. A couple of attractive buildings with some good neighbourhoods beyond, but not significant traffic generators, pedestrian or otherwise.

But let's follow this path a little further. Wouldn't James & York be a better location for the market, in the ground floor of the City Centre? And even better yet, straddle James to include the ground floor of the Lister Block as well? Municipal offices can occupy the upper floors of both buildings and the current market location.

The Scrambler at James would still slow York traffic and change, and fairly quickly, the dingiest of our downtown blocks. Imagine how it would build traffic for the restaurants and art galleries nearby. In fact, I imagine that would make James St. N. a downtown arts/market/entertainment district akin to Ottawa's Byward Market area.

Hate to second guess the attractive York St. plans, but maybe it is time, as Bob Bratina suggests with City Hall, to take a step back and consider what real-estate pros call "location, location, location."

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