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By adrian (registered) | Posted February 19, 2009 at 22:20:06

If the Star article is right in saying that "the performers helped kick off the first day of hearings on regulating online content by urging the CRTC to make Internet service providers follow the same rules as television and radio broadcasters and protect Canadian content online", I think what the CRTC should actually be considering is protecting us from the manifest stupidity of Canadian performers.

Internet service providers?!?!? What are they asking for here, exactly: that Cogeco, my current ISP, ought to force me to visit a certain number of Canadian sites? Would it count if I just left Raise the Hammer open in a tab all day?

The only way the CRTC could hope to enforce something on the net similar to what they do for broadcast TV and radio would be to go after the big content providers, forcing them to include a certain percentage of Canadian content in order to operate in this country.

That would be much more doable than trying to do it at the ISP level. It wouldn't be any less stupid, however. The only possible benefit that would come out of this arrangement would be to increase traffic to non-Canadian sites, and perhaps boost traffic on Canadian sites that fly beneath the CRTC's radar.

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