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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted February 19, 2009 at 09:57:14

I agree 100% with Highwater. The heritage aspects of this building have already been wilfully ignored by council. I'm just glad they didn't take it that one step further.

As for a public services (Business Enterprise Centre, computer terminals, and other things that we will apparently have to go to the second floor for), I'd suggest considering the relocation of the majority of these services to the Lister block (some functions are moving there anyways). Maybe it makes more sense to create that kind of interaction over there, where it's likely to help the surrounding businesses. If people go to city hall, it will be just to transact their business and leave (unless they need to fight a parking ticket across the street, get divorced next door, or stop by the CFL Hall of Fame or Whitehern), if people go to do the same business at the Lister block at least there is a chance, however small, that they may patronize the surrounding businesses. Maybe it's something as small as grabbing a sandwich at Reardon's! In my opinion anything we can do to get one extra person to see and discover a corner of downtown they've never been to is a worthwhile endeavour. There are many undiscovered treasures down there.

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